Astrada is a Fast, Fuel-efficient Yacht That's Also Dead [email protected]#$ing Sexy

We’ve covered a number of “green” yachts here on Gas 2 over the years. While their various claims towards carbon-neutrality and general “green-ness” is often suspect, there is something to be said for this beauty here. She’s called the Astrada, and she’s an aerodynamic, high-riding, high-mpg yacht that positively screams “luxe”!

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Video: A Sustainable Island Yacht For Escaping The End Of Days

Are you very wealthy yet still very paranoid? Do you think the end times are nigh, and that the huddled masses of the poor and downtrodden will soon rise up in angry vengeance against your merciless addiction to profits over people?

If so, then the sustainable floating Island-e-Motion is the place for you!

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Solar-powered EMax is Hybrid Superyacht

The super-rich have it pretty tough these days, what with the desire to spend their bajillions but social pressures to

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