After 55 Years, VW Type 2 Bus Production Comes To An End

In my humble opinion, the greenest cars are the ones that are already on the road, and there is no denying that cars have become incredibly complicated devices from their relatively simple roots. So it saddens me to report that after 55 years, the Volkswagen Kombi, also known as the Type 2 or simply the VW bus, will cease to be built at the end of 2013.

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VW Bulli EV Van Dead, 313 MPG XL1 Arrives Next Year

Many a Volkswagen fan fondly remembers the Type 2 bus, AKA the Westfalia, AKA the Volkswagen Van. It is, in many ways, the ultimate hippie mobile, and aging hippies the world over have been waiting for a 21st century version to hit dealerships. Alas, it does not seem to be, as VW has ended development of the Bulli, a modern EV version of the Type 2.

But all is not lost, as VW has confirmed that the 313 mpg XL1 will debut sometime next year.

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