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Vintage Vespa + Segway = Sexy Sidewalk Conveyance

With their high-tech balancing software and sensor arrays, easy-to-master learning curve, decent urban range, and almost-kinda-really too-high top speed, Segway scooters should be cool. They are, however, not cool- and I’m talking “probably not even the best thing about being a mall security guard” levels of not cool. What’s to be done? According to Spain’s […]

December 20th

Recycled Hawtness: Kawasaki Ninja 250 Gets a Retro Redo

Kawasaki’s smallest Ninja has been “first bike” standard-bearer for over a decade, if not longer. Still, while the high-revving 250 cc twin and willing chassis can provide some great thrills while you’re on the steepest part of the learning curve, there’s something about the bike’s aggressively plastic bodywork that can leave some people- myself, included!- […]

December 16th

Video: With the Continental GT, Royal Enfield is Really Trying

“If you bought a Royal Enfield,” says the knowing voice-over in Royal Enfield’s latest product video, “it was job done. It was king of the hill.” That was the 1960s, when the scooter-riding Mods were regularly face-punching/getting stomped by the leather-clad Rockers across the UK. The Mods preferred meticulously prepared steel-bodied Vespas. The Rockers, however, […]

October 4th

Finally: A DIY Wooden Vespa You Can Ride!

An incredibly talented, devoted, and patient artist named Carlos Alberto created this fully-functional Vespa out of layers of laminated plywood. In addition to being made almost entirely of renewable materials, delivering thrilling performance, and giving back more than 100 miles of smiles for every gallon of gas you put into it, it is incredibly, unspeakably […]

September 18th

World's Oldest Electric Car Gets Rebuilt, Driven (video)

Looking like the steampunk love-child of a Segway and an old English penny-farthing bicycle, Ayrton and Perry’s electric car offered its owners quiet operation and a top speed of 9 (nine) mph – courtesy of its 0.5kW vertical electric motor and 7.5Ah battery. Nine miles-per-hour may not seem too impressive today, but when the Ayrton […]

November 20th

EICMA 2011: New Vespa 46 Wows the World

This week was EICMA, the motorcycle equivalent of the Tokyo, Geneva, and Detroit Auto Shows all rolled into one – and this little beauty was the star of the show. Officially, it’s called the Vespa 46, but they could have glued chrome badges reading “La Bella Macchina” to the side of the little blue 2-wheeler […]

November 12th

Recycled Hawtness: Electric Willys Jeep Proves Picard > Kirk

Mike Picard is cooler than me. He’s also cooler than that snobby Shakespearean starship captain I referenced in the title. I don’t know you, but odds are that Mike Picard is cooler than you, too. That’s Mike up there, rocking along in a fully “restored” Willys Jeep … his better than new, military-grade, go-anywhere, home-built, plug-in, electric Willys overland Jeep.

September 8th