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Audi TDI Engine Celebrates 25 Years (w/Video)

In 1989, a small German automaker named Audi introduced the first of an estimated 7.5 million TDI engines built since then. Debuting on the Audi 100, today’s TDI engines can be found not just in Audi’s production cars, but on the race track as well. In the quarter-century since the first TDI engine was built, […]

Small-Engine SUVs Prove Popular In India

A decade ago America was inundated with SUVs are soccer moms and insecure men sought to drive the biggest vehicles their budgets would allow. Today Americans are turning towards fuel-efficient SUVs after dancing with the devil of gas-guzzling SUVs, but other countries like India have managed to skip the growing pains of V8 SUVs and go right into more efficient four-cylinder crossover models.