Video: NASCAR Teams Trick Out Toyota Prius

When NASCAR allowed Toyota to enter the hallowed halls of oval track racing, many fans cried foul. Well all that whining and crying amounted to a whole lotta nothing, and now Toyota is a fierce competitor in the NASCAR racing series.

In an effort to drum up publicity and money for a charity cause, Toyota’s NASCAR star Clint Bowyer and RKM Performance are tricking out a Prius hybrid. Yup, a NASCAR Prius. Maybe the Mayans were right?

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This Is Why Toyota Sells so Many Prii

As with any good carnival, there were rides aplenty at the 2012 Chicago auto show … and Toyota had a

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Hybrid Camry Made in Japan, Stays in Japan

Gas2.0 joked about Toyota making everything a hybrid last April Fool’s Day, but apparently we weren’t entirely off the mark. On Monday, Toyota announced that all Camry models with gasoline engines only were to be called “Mark X” and that all domestic vehicles bearing the name “Camry” would be hybrids.

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