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Nissan Leaf Could Get Multiple Battery Sizes

Sales of the Nissan Leaf have picked up steam after a price cut earlier this year, but executives are still looking to move consumers en masse into electric vehicles. Taking a page from Tesla’s playbook, a Nissan executive hinted that a Leaf with different battery size options could be in the pipeline of future products. […]

November 26th

Tesla Considers Building A Big Battery Factory of Its Own

The unparalleled success of the Tesla Model S sedan has eaten up the world’s supply of lithium-ion laptop batteries, causing the electric automaker to sign a $7 billion agreement with Panasonic for even more battery packs. But Tesla could end up building the world’s largest battery factory, with the same output as all the rest of the world’s battery producers combined.

November 7th

Tesla Signs $7 Billion Deal With Panasonic

Tesla Motors is one hot commodity these days, and the electric automaker is single-handedly gobbling up every laptop battery on the planet. With its plans to grow only larger and larger, Tesla is going to need a lot of batteries, leading to a $7 billion battery deal with Panasonic that expands the original 2011 deal by another four years.

October 31st

Video: Fire Department Tears Open Tesla Model S, For Science

Electric vehicles present a unique challenge to emergency first responders, many of whom have never had to deal with an EV in a life-or-death situation before. So it is important that these brave men and women are properly trained in the handling of these new-fangled electric vehicles. Tesla Motors graciously donated a Model S sedan to help demonstrate the proper method of tearing their car open like a tin car.