Tesla Motors Repays $465 Million Government Loan

There have been plenty of doubters, haters, and detractors from Elon Musk’s electric car dream. For a while there his baby, Tesla Motors, was a political football punted between Democrats and Republicans. But with the full repayment of the $465 million Tesla borrowed from the U.S. government, Tesla has not just defied the odds, but proven the viability of a pure electric automaker.

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Tesla Motors On Track To Repay DOE Loan

Tesla Motors shares increased after it announced a decision to offer stock and notes in an $830 million deal that will enable it to repay its debt to the US government earlier than planned. Things are looking better than ever for the electric automaker.

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Tesla Motors Has Lost $864.9 Million Since Its Inception

The more I hear about Tesla’s plans, the more certain its future seems. Then again, recent financial filings reveal that Tesla has to cut its revenue forecast due to the slow rollout of the Tesla Model S. Furthermore, some additional prying reveals that since its founding in 2003, Tesla Motors has lost a whopping $864.9 million.

Yet if you ask me, that ain’t too shabby. Read on to find out why.

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