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Tesla’s Next Car: An Electric BMW 3-Series Fighter

Unlike many other also-rans, Tesla Motors is succeeding where other electric car companies have failed. And by succeeding, we mean Tesla is actually selling cars, with the Model S sedan reportedly receiving over 10,000 $5,000 deposits to date. At $50,000 after tax credits though, the Model S is still well beyond what most people can afford. So what is Tesla planning to build next? From the sounds of it, an all-electric BMW 3-series rival.

Chinese-Built EV’s To Receive Generous Subsidies

The United States and China are two fundamentally different countries, and nowhere does that shine through more obviously than in transportation. While American politicians block any and all efforts to promote alternative fuels and high-speed transportation, China has wholly embraced these concepts. And now China’s government has revealed a new set of extremely generous subsidies […]

January 17th

Will Ending Tax Credits And Tariffs Increase Ethanol Use?

The end is nigh for the VEETC, also known as the corn ethanol subsidy which was mandated 30 years ago as a way to reduce dependence on foriegn oil. In a rare show of bipartisanship, Congress voted to end the VEETC program…and along with it, a 54-cent-per-gallon tariff on imported ethanol. Could this be a […]

December 28th

“The Great Chevy Volt Scam” That Wasn’t

Are dealerships selling Chevy Volts to one another, boosting sales and stealing the $7,500 tax credit? No, they aren’t, but a recent right-leaning piece accuses Chevy dealers are doing just that, with ZERO proof to back it up. Mark Modica, writing for the right-leaning think-tank The National Legal and Policy Center, penned this piece, “Are […]

EV Tax Rebate Could Become Cash on Hood by 2012

There’s plenty of debate over the government’s $7,500 tax rebate for plug-in vehicles, and the debate will surely kick into overdrive as the government considers turning the tax rebate into an immediate rebate right at the dealership’s door. As of right now, if you want to buy say, a Nissan Leaf, you have to pay […]