Weeks Before Startup, Holes Found in Keystone XL Pipeline

The southern half of Transcanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is supposed to begin pumping up to 700,000 barrels of diluted bitumen per day through the Cushing, OK to Port Arthur, TX route within weeks. But is it ready to operate safely?…

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Say Hello to Tar Sands Timmy!

Created by cartoonist Mark Fiore, Tar Sands Timmy actually sums things up rather nicely, and is presented on the same “4th grade” intellectual level that most American tar sands supporters seem to operate on. It’s too bad they don’t understand satire, though, right?

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Mitt Romney’s Energy Plan: By Big Oil, For Big Oil

As America’s next hopeful CEO…err, President, Willard Mitt Romney is running largely on his business credentials, and the fact that he isn’t named “Obama.” But what does Romney plan to do if elected President? Well outside of repealing Obamacare and cutting taxes, Romney hasn’t been exactly forthcoming about his plans.

But the Presidential hopeful did release an energy plan last Friday that called for “energy independence” by 2020. The only problem? This plan, written by the Big Oil industry, won’t do anything but increase industrial profits at the cost of the average consumer.

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