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Brazil Boosts Ethanol Output in the Face of Uncertain Future

Brazilian sugar and ethanol producers saw near-record profits in 2013 with growth of nearly 19% year-over-year. Despite the increased production and profits Brazil has seen, however, UNICA President Elizabeth Farina cited a report which pointed out that “during the past year, producers have spent nearly 15 percent of their revenues on debt servicing,” as opposed […]

December 29th

Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies Could Achieve Half The World’s Carbon Reduction Goals

There is a lot of discussion in Washington these days about ending tax credits and subsidies for long-standing industries like coal and oil suppliers. But these subsidies are considered sacrosanct by many politicians, often the same politicians who decry any investment into green energy as “socialism.” But a study by the International Energy Agency finds […]

January 31st

NATGAS Act Leaves Out Propane: What's The Problem With Propane?

In April Members of Congress introduced the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act (NATGAS). The NATGAS Act creates tax treatment to subsidize the production, use, and purchase of natural gas vehicles. Supporters of the Act argue that it promotes fuel competition and reduces foreign oil dependence and greenhouse gas emissions. There was one […]

December 21st

Big Week for Fossils, Big Bucks for Fossil Fuels

Earlier this week, new studies showed that the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex may have been about 30% more massive than scientists believed just one year ago … which makes recent findings from the Paris-based IEA more than a little auspicious (suspicious?), I think. What findings? I’m glad you asked (pretend you asked). It turns out that […]

October 15th

Flywheel Energy Storage Scores $5M PA Construction Grant

The flywheel energy storage specialists at Beacon Power have plenty of reasons to be happy this week – five million reasons, to be precise.  The Massachusetts-based power company was selected to receive a $5 million construction grant by the Pennsylvania governor’s office to build a 20 megawatt energy storage system in in Hazle Township, PA. […]

August 15th

Myth No. 6: Ethanol Gets More Subsidies than Oil

When I wrote “5 Ethanol Myths Exposed – as Crap!” a few days ago, I knew that it would upset some people (cognitive dissonance, and all that), but I was more surprised by the number of people leaving comments like this one, below, left by Steve Shurts. Your article (re. Argonne’s study) ignored the real […]

July 4th

Senate Votes to End Ethanol Subsidies

Today marked the beginning of the end for the 45-cent-per-gallon ethanol blending subsidy, as the U.S. Senate voted 73-27 to end the subsidy. But that doesn’t mean the ethanol subsidy will end overnight. Here’s why. First and foremost, President Obama and the White House have already released a memo stating that they do not support […]

Europe Faces Biodiesel Feedstock Crunch

Are biofuel mandates and tax credits such a good idea? It may be wise to learn from the EU’s experience… After passage of the new Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) late last year (see earlier post), which mandates production of 15 billion gallons of corn-grain ethanol by by 2015, many of us are left contemplating the […]

January 3rd