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1967 Mercury Cougar With Mercedes Turbodiesel Engine Runs on Biodiesel

[social_buttons] This is actually old news that recently resurfaced, and as a lifelong Cougar aficionado I can’t pass it up. In actuality, the Mercury Cougar was a refined, “gentleman’s muscle car” based on the 1st generation Mustang. It came standard with a number of gas-guzzling V8 motors including the epic “Boss” 302. But the pristine-looking […]

September 10th

One Year and 15,000 Miles in a Grease Car

[social_buttons] Ten Things I’ve Learn About Driving A Car Powered by Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) What makes a seemingly rational guy, who can afford to drive pretty much whatever car he wants to, trade in his shiny, new Audi for a 27-year old Mercedes 240D that runs on waste or straight vegetable oil (WVO/SVO)?  Well, […]

August 10th

New Service Runs Diesel Ski Shuttles on Veggie Oil

Powered by used vegetable oil from Colorado restaurants, a new ski shuttle service is now offering “carbon-neutral” luxury shuttle service from Denver International Airport to Colorado ski resorts like Vail, Aspen, and Breckenridge. [social_buttons] Last month, Denver waiter-turned-entrepreneur Kristopher Klain started offering a more eco-friendly airport shuttle alternative in Colorado Green Shuttle‘s flagship seven-passenger retro-fitted […]

December 23rd

Gas 2.0 Featured On 'Timber Talk' Radio

Last week I was interviewed by Timber Talk, a forestry radio station in Arkansas, which coincidentally took place at the North American International Auto show in Detroit, Michigan. Timber Talk approached me last fall after reading a post on that dealt with using straight vegetable oil as a fuel source. Fun fact: Timber Talk […]

January 25th

Portland's Grease Wars: Battling for Biodiesel-Bound Cooking Oil

Used-cooking-oil, the golden-brown waste product left over from making French-fries, doesn’t strike most of us as a particularly valuable commodity. But recycled grease represents a source of cheap energy to some, one that can be converted to biodiesel or used directly as a substitute for diesel fuel. Having collected waste oil for both of these […]

January 4th