Video: Flying Bicycle Blows Our Mind

Flying cars were once the promise of the future, and the future has failed to deliver. But maybe we were too ambitious with our dreams of flying automobiles for all. Maybe we need to step back and start taking a simpler form of transportation skyward. Something like say, this flying bicycle, which made its debut flight at a Prague convention center. Shut up and take my money!

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Video: Awesome “Hover Bike” Brings Star Wars To Real Life

Warning, nerd alert incoming.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan (surprise!), and one of my favorite scenes is the chase through the forest of Endor on “Speeder Bikes”, hovering nerdgasms of awesomeness. Scientists have been grappling with such “hover” technology for decades, but a video that has been blowing up on the Internet has given hope to a new generation of nerds that we might one day ride such a vehicle.

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