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UK & Netherlands Shell Stations To Add EV Charging

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to change your spots. Shell is doing a bit of that. Shell is not a name I think of at all in terms of clean air infrastructure. More often, I reflect on the problems of the oil company in places it should not be — rainforests, the Arctic, etc. Changing its spots, Shell is offering a new face with a clean air emphasis. Shell is planning a second choice in how it fuels up cars, and it is a good thing for once. Northern Europe will see the beginning of the change. Some Shell stations in UK and Netherlands will reportedly be adding EV charging stations later this year.

February 14th

Project M City Car Coming From Shell And Gordon Murray

Shell is teaming up with legendary designer Gordon Murray and engine specialist Geo Technology to create a Project M city car which will be optimized for urban transportation in the cities of the future. Murray has been fascinated by future transport solutions for several years, including a collaboration with Yamaha back in 2013 that resulted […]

April 13th

Flashback Friday: Record Setting 376 MPG Opel

In the early 1970s the world got its first taste of peak oil, as OPEC turned off the spigot and gas prices shot through the roof almost overnight. This prompted an initial wave of research aimed at producing more efficient vehicles, as well as alternatives to oil. Shell even got in on the act, creating […]

December 20th

Shell Lays Out Predictions For The Future Of Energy

With hybrids, battery-electric, and other alternative-fuel vehicles on the market and making sales gains, it seems that cars powered solely by gasoline may finally be on the outs. But how long will it take before gasoline cars are completely out of the picture? Energy goliath Shell has laid out two scenarios for the future, though […]

November 7th

This Bizarre BMW Got 88 MPG Back In 1981

This isn’t the first time in history that automakers have expressed a keen interest in fuel efficient vehicles. Back in the early 1980s, every automaker was making high MPGs a top priority. Hybrids seem to have the market on fuel efficiency cornered right now, but this blast-from-the-past Alpina BMW built for the 1981 Shell Kilometer Marathon.

February 19th

Students Build A Cardboard Race Car Powered By Hydrogen

The next 100 years will present humanity with unprecedented opportunities and problems.
Providing clean, sustainable energy and transportation to billions of people is one of the most serious issues confronting humanity, and we will need clever solutions if we are to survive as a species.

And if you ask me, a hydrogen-powered race car made from cardboard and plywood is a great start.