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It's Really Real: Toyota i-Road Production Begins

Toyota’s pie-in-the-sky EV concept from this year’s Geneva show was hailed by the company as a production-ready concept, leading to a number of sarcastic nods and knowing “Yeah, right.” comments from the motoring press. Here we are, just a few months later, and reports are starting to surface that Toyota has begun production of their […]

September 28th

Solar-Charged Mopeds!

Gas2 readers may remember the electric mopeds for rent outside train stations in Japan. The phenomenon seems to be spreading – now Tajimi Citi in Gifu Prefecture has launched an initiative to spread awareness of electric vehicles among its populace. The same electric mopeds – the Yamaha EC 03 – will be available for rent in front of the Kokokei JR Station, starting in December.

October 22nd

Folding e-bike Commuter Concept Set for Production

Gabriel Wartofsky hopes his pedal-assist electric folder will help reveal what he calls “the hidden magic” of commuting by bicycle to the American public … and, after two years of trying, it seems like his innovative design is finally ready for prime-time production. The pre-production prototype of Wartofsky’s e-bike (below) remains true to the original […]

October 15th