Altran And Quimera Unveil Latest Version Of AEGT Electric Race Car

All-electric racing, a laughable idea just a decade ago, is now an inevitability with racing series like the Formula E pulling in some big names. One Formula E partner, Quimera, has joined forces with Altran to develop a second-generation of its All-Electric GT race car and drift car, which has been revealed in these latest renderings.

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Elon Musk Mulling An All-Electric Supercar

Though the first few hundred Tesla Model S sedans have barely rolled off of the assembly line, Tesla Motors frontman Elon Musk took to car enthusiast website Jalopnik to answer questions last Friday. Among the many revelations from a man often compared to Howard Hughes of the Spruce Goose fame was the fact that he had been thinking about an all-electric supercar.

Well played Elon, well played.

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Video: Quimera’s 700 HP AEGT Electric Race Car Tears up F1 Track

EV Racing is suddenly a hot topic for a number of big and small automakers alike, from ice racing to traditional contests on tarmac, the time seems ripe for electric car racing. Now comes another entry from the Quimera Project called the AEGT, and this 700 horsepower EV Race Car looks ready to take names and kick ass.

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