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Recycled Hawtness: Kawasaki Ninja 250 Gets a Retro Redo

Kawasaki’s smallest Ninja has been “first bike” standard-bearer for over a decade, if not longer. Still, while the high-revving 250 cc twin and willing chassis can provide some great thrills while you’re on the steepest part of the learning curve, there’s something about the bike’s aggressively plastic bodywork that can leave some people- myself, included!- […]

December 16th

Green Speed: 770 HP Hybrid Corvette Revealed at SEMA

Combining a pair 100 KW electric motors and Chevrolet’s 505 hp aluminum V8 engine, the hybrid Corvette revealed at this year’s SEMA show packs a serious, high-performance punch that should be enough to strike some real terror into the stoplight grand-prix driver in the next lane. This car isn’t the long-awaited 2015 hybrid Corvette, but […]

November 6th

Switzer Builds 2000 hp Ethanol-fueled Nissan GTR (w/ video)

Switzer Performance has carved out a few special little performance niches for itself in recent years – most notably in alternative fuels tuning and for “advancing the state of the art” when it comes to electronic engine management systems. This latest car, which started life as a 485 hp R35 Nissan GTR, combines both disciplines, […]

September 18th

Video: Ethanol-fueled Nissan GTR Sets 1/4 Mile Record

Nissan’s R35 GTR is a performance icon. It’s also a car that we’ve featured here on Gas 2 in various forms over the years, most notably as a Switzer Performance-tuned, ethanol-fueled street terror. Keep in mind, we’ve never posted any sort of official acceleration times, but the comments and emails surrounding Switzer’s E900 and E1K-X posts always include the same question: how fast will it go?

June 13th

Sim-CEL Is Fast, Aerodynamic, And Funky Looking

The developer of the Eliica eight-wheeled electric car and the 200-mile Sim-WIL has created the Sim-CEL, another electric car which is just as wacky, weird, and unattractive as its predecessors. Yet the weird swoopy design is less about aesthetics than it is about aerodynamics, and when you put it like that, the Sim-CEL makes sense.

April 9th