Elon Musk Finally Reveals His Vision For An 800 MPH Hyperloop

Last month Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk created quite a stir when he mentioned a concept he had been mulling over called the “hyperloop”. At a tenth of the cost of high-speed rail, but around four-times fast, the hyperloop is the kind of 21st century science-fiction we’ve come to expect from Musk, but don’t expect him to build the hyperloop anytime soon.

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Elon Musk Mulling An All-Electric Supercar

Though the first few hundred Tesla Model S sedans have barely rolled off of the assembly line, Tesla Motors frontman Elon Musk took to car enthusiast website Jalopnik to answer questions last Friday. Among the many revelations from a man often compared to Howard Hughes of the Spruce Goose fame was the fact that he had been thinking about an all-electric supercar.

Well played Elon, well played.

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