Nissan Launching Leaf Battery Replacement Program

Nissan will offer a unique battery replacement program for U.S. customers in 2014, under which you pay them a monthly amount for a guarantee that your battery pack will be replaced if your battery’s capacity falls below 9 bars, or 70% of what it originally had.

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Is Nissan Now Buying Back Range-Losing Leafs Under Arizona Lemon Law?

According to a local television report, owners Nissan Leaf EVs have gotten Nissan to buy back their cars after losing significant amounts of range in just a short time of ownership. This does not bode well for Nissan’s grand EV plans.

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Nissan Responds To Leaf Owners Battery Woes

Last weekend, a group of Arizona Nissan Leaf owners conducted a trial to see how much range their pure electric vehicles had lost in the desert heat. Their conclusion? The battery loss was more rapid than Nissan led them to believe, undercutting earlier claims that the gauge cluster was wrong.

Well Nissan has finally stepped up with a real answer…that the batteries are deteriorating. But don’t worry, it is all a part of the plan!

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