NY Times Has Tesla Troubles, Elon Musk Says Not So Fast

Telsa Motors is arguably the most successful electric car maker in the world, and journalists have rightly praised the fantastic Model S sedan. Even so though, Tesla seems wary of media attention, and the company is ready to pounce on any negative perceptions of their electric baby. Elon Musk came out swinging against a recent New York Times article, pitting the Old Grey Lady against the Silicon Valley Bad Boy.

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2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year Is The Tesla Model S

Despite the onset of the digital age, old-school print magazines still find plenty of reverence among car enthusiasts from every walk of life. Few magazines are held in as high regard as Motor Trend, whose annual Car of the Year award is among the industry’s most-coveted acknowledgements of automotive excellence. This year, the award went to none other than the Tesla Model S. Here’s why.

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Motor Trend Tests Model S Sedan, Comes Away Impressed

The Tesla Model S sedan is the make-it-or-break-it vehicle for Elon Musk’s electric car company. After a decade of promises, the Model S is finally being delivered, and initial reviews seem to be positive. But Tesla caught some flak for not giving journalists enough time behind the wheel.

Now Motor Trend has come out with a long term, range-testing review…and these guys came away impressed. Hit the jump to find out why.

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