Federally Funded Green Energy Projects – Not Such A Failure After All

And they are off! This election year is heating up with the first Presidential Debate now behind us. One of the big issues is the failure of Obama’s green energy projects. To the Republican’s the supposed green energy failure is a prime target for wasted spending by the government in hard economic times.

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Fossil Fuels and Political Ads

Love it or hate it, it is election season in America. That means political ads on TV and thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United large corporations are blanketing the air waves with political attack ads. Some of the nastiest ads are coming from in the oil, gas and coal industries and their target is President Obama.

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Romney Once Thought European Gas Prices, Efficient Cars Were Good Ideas

The mere mention of raising the gas tax here in America is quite taboo, and the idea that the U.S. should pay gas prices even close to the $8.00 a gallon many European countries pay is downright scary to some people.

But not GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who was once quoted as saying that America would be better off with “European gas prices.” Say whaaaaaa?

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Mitt Romney’s Energy Plan: By Big Oil, For Big Oil

As America’s next hopeful CEO…err, President, Willard Mitt Romney is running largely on his business credentials, and the fact that he isn’t named “Obama.” But what does Romney plan to do if elected President? Well outside of repealing Obamacare and cutting taxes, Romney hasn’t been exactly forthcoming about his plans.

But the Presidential hopeful did release an energy plan last Friday that called for “energy independence” by 2020. The only problem? This plan, written by the Big Oil industry, won’t do anything but increase industrial profits at the cost of the average consumer.

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U.S. Senators Revive Fuel Cell And Hydrogen Caucus

Hydrogen fuel once seemed like a promising alternative to oil, but years of broken promises and false hopes has put hydrogen technology on the back burner for many car companies. So is it any surprise that the Obama Administration withdrew much of its support for fuel cells, and instead backed electric cars?

Yet with EV’s also proving a hard sell, U.S. policy makers are reviving interest in hydrogen fuel cells. This includes a bipartisan committee of U.S. Senators who have revived the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus.

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A Romney Presidency: A “Minor Impact” On America’s Electric Car Market?

If elected President, presumptive GOP nominee Willard Mitt Romney said he would sell off the American governments 26% share in General Motors (GM), take a hard look at pending fuel efficiency mandates as well as electric vehicle (EV) subsidies. That not all. Romney said he would review the pending Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) mandates slated to put the auto industry on course toward a 54.5 mile per gallon fleet wide average by 2025.

Even so, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk isn’t worried. Should he be?

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