10 Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, & McLarens The Ludicrous Tesla Model S Is Quicker Than

As I wrote the other day, the “Ludicrous” Tesla Model S is by some standards the quickest production car in

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Tesla Model S “Performance Plus” Improves Range, Handling

In many ways, the Tesla Model S is a car unlike any other, from the way it drives to the way it is sold. Yet in other ways, it is very much embedded in the traditions of the auto industry. Taking a cue from more established companies, Tesla is rolling out a new performance package that, for $6,500, will add mileage and improve the handling of the all-electric sedan.

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McLaren Ready For Electric Formula E Series

When the FIA announced the Formula E electric racing series, some were skeptical that such an ambitious project would even get off the ground. But several high-end racing teams have already expressed interest in racing, and you can add to that one of the most famed Formula 1 racing teams of all time; McLaren.

Yup, the Big M wants to get in on this new-fangled electric racing series. Awesome.

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