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The Most Fuel Efficient Automaker? It’s Mazda

Electric cars, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids have been plied by almost every automaker in a bid to hit the new mandatory fuel economy ratings laid in place by the U.S. government. So you’d think that a company like Toyota or Nissan, which have been at the forefront of electrificiation, would have the best average fleet […]

December 18th

Mazda Enters Diesel-Powered Daytona Prototype In USCC

Without much in the way of hybrid or electric vehicles, Mazda is betting big on its diesel engine offerings to raise its fuel economy profile enough to meet government regulations. To help promote its new diesel engines, Mazda is going racing once again with a diesel-powered Daytona prototype in the newly-formed United SportsCar Championship. If […]

November 18th

Mazda3 Hybrid And CNG Versions Make Tokyo Debut

Unlike most other automakers, Mazda as so far resisted the allure of hybrid and electric cars, focusing instead on its fuel-efficient SkyActiv gas and diesel engines. But executives at the small Japanese automaker have finally caved, and at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show a Mazda3 Hybrid will join a CNG-powered version in a joint world debut.

October 24th