Cleantechnica Explains: How and Why EVs Will Dominate the Market

There are a ton of reasons why electric cars should be the dominant type of car on our roads — reasons why you should really ditch your gasmobile for an electric car. Some of those reasons would slowly sway portions of the market. But logic doesn’…

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Gap Between Ethanol Prices and Gas Prices Continues to Widen

The price gap between ethanol prices and gasoline continues to widen, according Bloomberg, who says the “discount”, or the cost incentive to choose ethanol over gas has increased from “0.26 cents to 36.55 cents a gallon, the steepest since April 26, as a June 5 Energy Information Administration report showed.” Why is that?

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Mahindra Halts Development Of Small Diesel Pickup For America

Well, we all probably saw this coming, but it still kind of sucks.

Mahindra & Mahindra, an Indian auto manufacturer, has officially halted development of its small, diesel-powered pickup which was to be sold in America. After more than six years and $100 million, M&M has called off the diesel pickup, citing changing regulations and market conditions.

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