Local Motors And Dominos Pick The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle

While you probably haven’t heard of Local Motors, it is one of the most unique takes on the auto industry of the future. By crowdsourcing car designs, Local Motors has built up an incredible internet presence and fanbase, as well as strategic partnerships with larger companies. Dominos Pizza recently asked the Local Motors Forge to pen their version of the “ultimate delivery vehicle,” and the crowd of would-be designers delivered.

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Design BMW’s Future City Car With Local Motors, Win $30,000

Local Motors, an automotive start-up that also doubles as a futuristic design studio, has made quite a name for itself in a short time. I had a chance to check out the Local Motors Rally Fighter a few years ago, and since then the company has opened up a micro-factory in Arizona where you can help build your very own car.

Now Local Motors is teaming up with BMW to offer a $30,000 grand prize to anybody who can design an urban car concept good enough to be an Ultimate Driving Machine.

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