Cleantechnica Explains: How and Why EVs Will Dominate the Market

There are a ton of reasons why electric cars should be the dominant type of car on our roads — reasons why you should really ditch your gasmobile for an electric car. Some of those reasons would slowly sway portions of the market. But logic doesn’…

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Chevy Volt Sales Soar As Nissan Leaf Sinks

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of silence coming from right-wing pundits and politicians who became very vocal critics of the Chevrolet Volt in the past year. What has them shutting their collective yappers? Sales of the Chevy Volt have consistently risen every month this year, with over 1,800 sold last month, and over 10,000 sold so far in 2012. It seems that despite the vitriol directed its way, customers are finding their way to the Volt.

The Nissan Leaf is a different story however, with sales falling off of a cliff. What exactly is happening here?

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Gas Sales For July At A Decade Low In U.S.

The month of July is a festive time in America. July is a time to relax, celebrate America’s independence, and partake on the Great American Summer Road Trip. Sadly, amidst America’s drawn out economic hardship the Great American Summer Road Trip has come to an end. July 2011 has listed the lowest gas sales for the month of July in a decade.

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