Should Fisker Ditch The Hybrid Drivetrain? It’s Not Such A Bad Idea

Fisker is in trouble. Anybody who has been following the green automaker’s saga can tell you that things don’t look good for a company that isn’t making any cars, lost its CEO, and cannot secure even Chinese investors. But a Jalopnik writer made a very keen observation that the salvation of Fisker might be a lot simpler if they dropped the whole hybrid act.

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High School Student Building An Electric Honda S2000 In Parents’ Garage

Most high school kids these days seem more interested with cellphones than supercars, but there are still those who like to get down and dirty under the hood of a car. Juan Ehringer is taking a Honda S2000 sports car, ditching the four-cylinder engine and replacing it with a powerful electric drivetrain that will give it between 500 and 600 horsepower. That’s quite the project car.

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The VW Golf GTD, A Diesel Commuter With Cajones

Interest in diesel-powered vehicles has lept up in America as fuel prices soar. Those in-the-know can tell you all about their 47+ MPG diesel commuters, most of them coming with a VW badge. Indeed, Volkswagen is one of the largest seller of diesel passenger cars in the world.

If anybody can convince America to fully embrace the diesel engine, it is Volkswagen. And if any car can showcase the joy of driving a diesel, it is the VW Golf GTD.

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