Infiniti Planning Hybrid Supercar For 2016?

Nissan’s luxury brand, Infiniti, has come a long way since its founding a couple of decades ago. But unlike many other luxury car makers, Infiniti lacks a range-topping “halo car” to get enthusiasts excited. A new report suggests that that car could be coming as soon as 2016. But which direction will Infiniti go?

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Infiniti Emerg-E Concept Won’t Get Built, But Offers Glimpse Of Future

Nissan is not having a good go at it in the electric vehicle department, and it may be affecting their future plans. The hotly anticipated Infiniti Emerge-E Concept, a luxury supercar for the next century, will not get built according to the luxury brand’s boss. But it does offer a peek at Infiniti’s future plans.

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Infiniti LE Electric Car Coming In 2014 With Wireless Charging

Nissan’s grand experiment with electric cars doesn’t seem to be panning out as hoped. Leaf sales are slumping both here in America and abroad, and recent battery life issues have started cropping up in the hotter states.

But Nissan still has an ace up its sleeve; the Infiniti LE electric car, which should hit markets in the year 2014, and almost assuredly with wireless charging.

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