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Electric Car History, Electric Car Sales, & The Future — Cleantech Revolution Tour

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The initial Cleantech Revolution Tour conference that we held in Berlin was a lot of fun, and the presentations were packed with interesting facts, figures, charts, and jokes. We had a blast, and there’s no way to share all of the conversations, connections, and laughs (which is why I encourage you to […]

June 14th

IMF: G20 Countries Paying Trillions In Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Ah, society — takes us decades to turn a simple, life-saving corner. Subsidizing fossil fuels in the 21st century has got to be one of the dumbest things society has ever done… (and we’ve done a lot of dumb things). We have cheaper alternatives that don’t kill us and cause all kinds of health problems […]

August 6th

India To Replace Garbage Pushcarts With EVs

Originally posted on EVObsession While India is in the midst of a major modernization effort, many parts of the country remain rooted in tradition, whether that means the caste system or garbage pickup. In the ancient South India city of Pallavaram though, things have taken a decidedly sustainable turn, as the traditional garbage pushcarts are […]

March 19th

Mahindra Will Sell Reva e20 Electric Car In Europe

Originally posted on EV Obsession America, Europe, and Japan have led the way in building and buying electric vehicles, though China has been making a push towards electrification as well. Could India be a player in the global electric car world as well? Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra thinks so, as it wants to sell […]

February 18th

Tesla To Enter India With Model III

Slowly but surely, Tesla Motors is going global, having launched the Model S in both China and Australia this year alone. Speculation had suggested India might be next for Tesla, but it won’t be the Model S that launches in the land of curry and sacred cows, but rather the upcoming Model III, which one […]

December 16th