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HondaPro Jason vs. the Honda Jet (w/ Video)

Twenty years since designer Michimasa Fujino first sketched the HondaJet concept in 1997, the fuel-efficient little airplane is in full production, offering a low-cost alternative to other private jets. Well, low-er, anyway, since these planes are still over $5 million, making access to one for testing or reviews … let’s call it: limited. That’s where […]

August 14th

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Finally Ready For Prime Time

Honda really started the whole hybrid thing even before Toyota brought the Prius to market, but the leader soon became the follower. Its first hybrid, the original Insight, was too weird for most people to take seriously. The first Civic Hybrid suffered from myriad technical issues that left buyers wishing they had chosen something else […]

July 18th