2013 Honda CR-Z Gets More Power, Boost Button, But No More MPGs

On paper, the Honda CR-Z should be a hit. The small hatchback coupe offers hybrid technology combined with a fun-to-drive factor unavailable on any other fuel economy-focused car. But the Honda CR-Z has fallen flat due to so-so MPG numbers and a lack of horsepower.

The 2013 Honda CR-Z is looking to boost its performance credentials with more power and a new “boost” button…but is it enough?

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2013 Honda CR-Z Revealed, Promises More Powah

The Honda CR-Z coupe is supposed to be the sporty hybrid every green-minded man in America wants. Instead though, Honda delivered a car with so-so gas mileage and so-so power, failing to live up to expectations of a frugal-minded CRX hot hatchback. But the 2013 Honda CR-Z gets a new look, and more importantly, more power.

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Drive a Hybrid? Race It at the Fuji Speedway!

The Fuji Speedway had a slightly unusual race last month – instead of supercars going super fast, rows of perfectly normal hybrid cars lined up for a two-hour endurance race called the Summer Eco Car Cup 2011. The race is held every year in August, and anyone with a hybrid car is welcome to participate. Oh, and the car has to be one you can buy at a dealer – perfectly normal hybrid cars only.

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