Better Place Replaces CEO Shai Agassi

Tell me if you saw this one coming; after getting off to a slower-than-expected start, shareholders in Project Better Place have outed Shai Agassi as CEO of the electric car infrastructure company. While Agassi remains a major shareholder, his replacement does not bode well for the company’s future prospects.

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Battery Swapping Lets Aussie EV Go 1,172 Miles In 24 Hours

Researchers the world over are trying to come up with a solution to electric vehicle recharging woes. Even 240-volt chargers can take six hours or more to recharge the battery pack of many EVs, leading some companies to pursue alternative methods of recharging, like battery swapping…and battery swapping certainly has a lot to recommend it.

A team of Holden engineers has set a new 24 hour distance record for electric vehicles, going an impressive 1,172 miles in 24 hours utilizing battery swapping technology.

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