GM Developing Tesla-Fighting 200-Mile EV For $30,000

Tesla’s incredible sales success has automakers the world wondering how to counter the Silicon Valley automaker, and General Motors could have the answer. GM is developing a 200-mile electric car with a targeted sales price of $30,000, right in the same sweet spot Elon Musk is aiming for. But who will launch first?

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Video: An Electric Baja Buggy From SRI And EV West

The world of motorsports is quietly changing with the adoption of electric race cars. New technology is making these vehicles ever more viable, and we’re about to see an influx of zero-emissions racers in events the world over. EV West partnered with the Strategic Recovery Institute and Strategic Racing Design to build a Baja Buggy with instant torque, 400 kW of power, and a swappable electric drivetrain that allows for on-the-go charging.

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20 Years Ago, The GM Ultralite Delivered 100 MPG, And It Really Worked

Most EV fans are familiar with General Motor’s ill-fated EV1 electric car, a program that came to an unfortunate and early end. But few people (me among them) have heard of GM’s Ultralite, a concept that two decades ago offered a 1,400 pound car that could get 100 mpg.

The most amazing aspect of this concept though was the fact that it worked, just like GM said it would.

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