Further With Ford 2016- Disrupt Yourself

We’re honored to have been invited to cover this event again, as it’s delightful to peek behind the curtain, and be treated to such a lavish trip. The most exciting news from Ford is that they’re taking IDEO’s advice to prototype early and often. They’re launching a variety of projects (not vehicles) all aimed at making it easier for people to get from point A to B, regardless of who owns the vehicle, or even what type of vehicle it is.

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How is Ford Celebrating Drive Electric Week?

Next week we’ll be covering Ford’s sixth annual Further with Ford conference, which happens to be scheduled during National Drive Electric Week. Coincidence? We think not. As batteries become cheaper, charging stations more widespread, and cities look toward banning gas-powered cars, it’s clear that the future is not dino-powered.

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Further With Ford: 6 Things To Look Forward To From Ford

A couple of weeks ago I was flown out to Dearborn, Michigan to spend a few days with Ford Motor Company at their Further with Ford conference. This was my fourth conference that Ford paid to bring me to, and right up front I want to let you, the readers, know that Ford paid for my flight, hotel, and all the warmed-over catering I could eat.

This was more than a blogger day camp, though at times that is what it felt like as Ford trotted out big names like Bill Ford Jr. and CEO Alan Mulally to talk shop with us. That said, I’ve come up with a list of six things I learned at the conference, and what to look for from Ford in the coming years.

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