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Getting to Know Switzer Performance

We’ve talked a lot about the cars that come from Oberlin, Ohio’s Switzer Performance. What we don’t usually talk about are the three generations of Switzer family that currently occupy the sprawling, 80,000 sq. ft. shop space and the whys and hows of the automotive industry that took the shop from a 2 car garage […]

December 27th

Green is the New Fast: Switzer Pumps Out 900 hp of Flex-fuel Porsche

This article is about the Switzer F900. The short version is that it’s a low-emission, 900 horsepower, flex-fuel monster of a Porsche built by a pack of wild-eyed savants in the middle of rural Ohio … but the story behind this F900 started a few years ago, at the same time that the automotive press started to notice that Oberlin, Ohio might be an interesting place to visit after all.

July 10th

Professional-Grade Green? 2012 Dodge Ram Cargo

I assure you, the new 2012 Ram Cargo minivan is green-car news – but (either because nobody’s noticed or because Chrysler’s pr-team was too busy dropping F-bombs to effectively push that angle) it’s not being presented as green car news.  Before we get to that, however, let’s look at the van as it is being […]

March 23rd

2011 Ford Explorer: Is It a Crossover, or SUV?

After teasing us for weeks, Ford has finally unveiled the 2011 Ford Explorer. The vanguard of the gas-guzzling SUV movement has been reimagined and redesigned as a vehicle that promotes fuel economy and the ability to handle a veritable boatload of passengers. It comes with two engines, a standard V6 and the pricier 4-cylinder EcoBoost […]

Ford Doubles Number Of E85 Capable Cars

Just five short years ago, it seemed like our dependency on foreign oil could be solved by a simple fuel known as ethanol. We’d been putting a small percentage of it in our gasoline for years, and Brazil has been running 100% ethanol in their cars for even longer. Then the biofuels argument got complicated by claims […]

Revealed: Bentley’s New Flex-fuel GT Debuts Ahead of Geneva

Bentley has released official pictures of the ethanol-powered GT we previewed a few weeks ago.  This new car is the first flex-fuel vehicle in the company’s history, and Bentley is calling the 621 bhp bruiser the “Continental Supersports”.  Bentley claims the GT’s owners will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds on their way […]

March 2nd

Lotus Announces “Omnivore”: A Car That Can Run on Almost Any Fuel

[social_buttons] Ever wish you could buy a car that would run on just about anything?  An engine that gave you something approaching the efficiency of diesel, and the convenience of gas?  Last week, the forward-thinkers at Lotus announced just that. It’s called the Lotus Omnivore, and we’ve got all the details on this little, all-aluminum marvel.

March 2nd

Ford Says EcoBoost With a Straight Face

Well, actually I wasn’t there, at the Detroit Auto Show, but it stands to reason that someone from Ford uttered those words, near a rotating platform, without breaking into a laugh.  I’m willing to go on record, though, with the prediction that Ford’s new engine, the EcoBoost, will bear a new nameplate within two years. […]

January 14th