Electric Car Conversions Gain Popularity In Australia

While many areas of America aren’t suited to the limited range and lack of charging infrastructure, it is nothing in comparison to Australia’s outback, where there could be hundreds of miles between filling stations. But even in Australia, DIYers and small shops are converting old cars into short-range EVs as petrol prices continue to rise.

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ALTe Takes EV Conversions To China For Survival

The cottage industry of electric vehicle conversions was hoping to ride the wave of EV fever into a much larger market. Unfortunately, the high cost of conversions means there are few takers, and several conversion companies have already gone out of business.

Yet Auburn Hills-based ALTe Powertrain Technologies believes there is still a market for EV conversions…it just isn’t in the U.S.

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Project Spotlight: The “Inhaler” 1923 Ford Model T EV 200 MPH Hot Rod

Hot rodding has its roots in a fringe group of auto enthusiasts who made radical engine and styling modifications in the pursuit of speed. But there is a new breed of hot rodder out there, who are taking everyday automobiles and converting them to a variety of alternative fuels, and they’re not all content to just putter around town at golf kart speeds. Todd Perkins wants to go fast, and his all-electric hot rod called “The Inhaler” has lofty goals…somewhere in the 200 mph range.

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