Under the Skin of the MotoE Electric Motorcycle

The start of the inaugural season of MotoE electric motorcycle may have been delayed by the massive fire that engulfed…

4 months ago

MotoGP Legend Tetsuya Harada vs. MotoE Bike

The Energica Ego Corsa race bike that's set to become the basis for MotoGP's electric support series got put through…

9 months ago

MotoGP Picks Energica Ego for New Electric Race Series

MotoGP Picks Energica Ego to provide 150 MPH superbike for New Electric Race Series set to launch as a support…

2 years ago

Harley Davidson To Make Electric Motorcycle Within 5 Years

Harley Davidson says it will have an electric motorcycle for sale within 5 years. It is offering no details, but…

3 years ago

“Tesla of Motorcycles” Energica Goes Public at EICMA

Calling itself “the Tesla of motorcycles”, European bike maker Energica launched the final production version of its Eva street bike…

4 years ago

Energica Eva Is A Naked Ego

While you still can’t quite buy a $25,000 Energica Ego, the company has grown its lineup to include a “naked”…

5 years ago

Energica Ego Embarks On “Where Is My Ego?” Tour

American fans will finally get their chance to see and drive the Energica Ego as the electric motorcycle comes stateside…

5 years ago

Energica Ego Is A 3D-Printed Electric Superbike

While robots have replaced people on many production lines, the next-generation of automotive assembly will come with the 3D printer…

6 years ago

CRP's Energica Ego Is The Italian You've Been Dreaming Of

RideApart editor Wes Siler is the first journalist invited to ride CRP's latest electric superbike, the Energica Ego.

6 years ago