Home-Built Electric Mustang Makes SEMA Appearance

The world of the annual SEMA aftermarket parts and custom car show is a gasoline-lovers wonderland, where petty real-world necessities

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Craigslist Find: An All-Electric Ford Mustang

As far as American cars go, only a handful have the staying power of the Ford Mustang. Introduced in 1964, the Mustang has captivated hearts and minds for decades and has cultivated an enormous aftermarket that means any and everything you can imagine doing is possible.

This includes converting a near-classic Fox-body Mustang into an all-electric personal commuter…and it can be yours for just $4,995.

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DIY EV Kit Promises Educational Opportunities In Japan

It is no secret that the American education system is in need of some serious repairs. How that manifests itself is a project for people far smarter than I am, though if you ask me the biggest problem is a failure to engage students in interesting and creative ways. For inspiration, we need look no further than Japan, where a company has released a Do-It-Yourself electric car kit for the purpose of educating students and teachers alike.

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