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What is Fracking? What Makes it So Terribad? This Video Explains it All …

Longtime readers of this blog should already have a sense of why fracking is bad, how fracking causes earthquakes, exhausts water supplies, contaminates drinking water, “disrupts” families, puts toxic arsenic into the ground, and produces a product that, every now and then, blows up cornfields in the middle of the night. Still, there’s always been […]

September 11th

World's Oldest Electric Car Gets Rebuilt, Driven (video)

Looking like the steampunk love-child of a Segway and an old English penny-farthing bicycle, Ayrton and Perry’s electric car offered its owners quiet operation and a top speed of 9 (nine) mph – courtesy of its 0.5kW vertical electric motor and 7.5Ah battery. Nine miles-per-hour may not seem too impressive today, but when the Ayrton […]

November 20th