VW Building $8,000 Budget Car For China

Times are still tough for many people, and buying a new car is simply out of the picture. China, however, is seeing an almost meteoric rise in car sales year after year, and a new interest in low-cost auto manufacturing could send sales through the roof. Volkswagen has announced its intention to build a budget car for Chinese consumers with a starting price around $8,000.

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Nissan’s Next Move: A $3,000 Car For Developing Countries

The auto industry isn’t in an easy spot these days. First world nations are reaching a critical mass of automobiles, and stringent regulations add weight and cost to cars just as consumers are demanding cheap and fuel efficient vehicles.

But Nissan seems up to the challenge, as their next big move is building a car to sell in developing nations for between $3,000 and $5,000.

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Retro Electric at the Japan EV Festival

To make your Friday just a little sweeter, Gas2 brings you a sweet retro electric DIY conversion from overseas. The Japan EV Festival was in full swing over the weekend at Tsukuba Circuit. As Gas2 readers may remember, the Japan EV Festival is…

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