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Fiat Dealers Lose Alfa Romeo, Get Angry Over Slow Sales

Not too long ago, things were looking good if you were an American Fiat dealer. The first wave of Fiat’s diminutive 500s sold out almost immediately. People were excited about the EV version of the 500. Add to that, the enthusiast press was super-psyched about the Zagato and Abarth go-fast versions of the little coupe. […]

October 8th

Video: The World's Most Reliable Car is a 3 Million Mile Volvo

It might seem hard to believe, but Irv Gordon has been driving the same car for more than 3 million miles. That means Irv’s one-owner Volvo has travelled far enough to make nearly six round-trip journeys to the moon in relative comfort and safety, and has – along the way – pretty much proven that most people buy new cars because they want to, not because the have to.

June 29th

EVCCON 2011: Electric Opel GT

It’s not easy to make a 1973 Opel GT sexier than it already is – but ripping out the engine to install an electric motor is a pretty good start, and that’s exactly what Texans Charlie and Tamara did! The married couple bought the Opel three years ago, and have been working to make the 70’s coupe into a forward-looking EV ever since.

September 24th

Prius Coupe Set for 2014 Launch

It’s no secret that Toyota is planning to add production versions of its Prius c subcompact and Prius v micro van concepts to its growing Prius sub-brand.  The latest news out of Toyota, though, suggests that a new (previously unseen) 2-door coupe may emerge hot on the heels of those 2 new Prii as early as […]

July 31st

Hyundai Set to Reveal New i40 Sedan in Spain

Hyundai has been on a roll lately, going from win to win on the strength of its current product, positive “buzz” over its recent “Blue” hydrogen concept cars, and the genius of its industry-leading “Hyundai Assurance” program.  Hyundai’s marketers deserve an inch of freedom, I suppose – and they are taking a mile of it, […]

May 7th

New-for-2012 CNG-powered Civic Goes National

Honda’s CNG-powered Civic GX will finally be available for sale across America with the arrival of the new, 9th generation Honda Civics later this year. Historically, Honda sold their super-clean Civic GX model in California alone, despite being consistently ranked the cleanest car in America by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).  Honda […]

January 12th

Lotus Announces Evora S and Auto… Where is the Hybrid?

When Lotus announced the 414E Hybrid version of the Evora sportscar this past February, the motoring world stood in awe. The car had innovative clean-burn technology built into its range-extending ICE/hybrid powertrain, 200 hp electric motors in each of the rear wheels, advanced torque-vectoring traction control, and arresting good looks that tastefully played up the […]

August 20th

Nissan Working On Electric LEAF-Based Sports Car?

The Nissan LEAF is coming, and it could be the catalyst that makes electric cars more than just a pipe dream. Nissan says orders have already exceeded expectations and the hype around this little electric car is poppin’ (to use the vernacular of our times). Reality may dampen some expectations though; the 100 mile range […]

Fiat 500 To Get Four Doors For America?

My father surprised me the other night when he told me how much he loves the Fiat 500. Strange words from the man who has pretty much lived in a pickup truck for the past two decades. He is in good company though, as the Fiat 500 is one of the best selling cars in […]

April 21st

Toyota May Be Planning a Toyota Prius Coupe for 2012

[social_buttons] Rumors are gathering pace that Toyota is working on a two-door coupe version of its ultra-popular Prius hybrid, possibly scheduled to hit the market sometime in 2012. The latest reports suggest that the Japanese outfit is currently developing a compact 2+2 Prius-based hybrid sports coupe featuring a beefed-up version of its 1.8-liter 2ZR-FXE four-cylinder […]

July 26th