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Recycled Hawtness: Kawasaki Ninja 250 Gets a Retro Redo

Kawasaki’s smallest Ninja has been “first bike” standard-bearer for over a decade, if not longer. Still, while the high-revving 250 cc twin and willing chassis can provide some great thrills while you’re on the steepest part of the learning curve, there’s something about the bike’s aggressively plastic bodywork that can leave some people- myself, included!- […]

December 16th

Video: With the Continental GT, Royal Enfield is Really Trying

“If you bought a Royal Enfield,” says the knowing voice-over in Royal Enfield’s latest product video, “it was job done. It was king of the hill.” That was the 1960s, when the scooter-riding Mods were regularly face-punching/getting stomped by the leather-clad Rockers across the UK. The Mods preferred meticulously prepared steel-bodied Vespas. The Rockers, however, […]

October 4th

EVCCON 2011: Electric Opel GT

It’s not easy to make a 1973 Opel GT sexier than it already is – but ripping out the engine to install an electric motor is a pretty good start, and that’s exactly what Texans Charlie and Tamara did! The married couple bought the Opel three years ago, and have been working to make the 70’s coupe into a forward-looking EV ever since.

September 24th

Fresh Peel P50 Microcar is Hot and Ready NOW! (video)

The smallest car you can buy today isn’t the Smart ForTwo or even Gordon Murray’s T.27 city car, it’s the Peel Bamby P50 – and you can buy it, right now, for just about 12000 USD. We first covered the rebirth of the Peel P50 microcar a year ago, and are happy to report that […]

September 11th

Recycled Hawtness: Classic Porsche 911 Resto-mod by Singer

“Wow” is not the kind of thing people usually get paid to write.  “Wow” is the kind of thing you say when you’re staring, slack-jawed, at someone or something that has snuck past all of your genteel civilities and highly educated vocabulary and triggered something planted in you by a billion years of evolution and […]

March 24th