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CARB Vs. Trump: Who Wins?

The Trumpster has made it clear he plans to take a wrecking ball to the Environmental Protection Agency, which he blames for imposing a welter of regulations that make American businesses unable to compete in the global economy. One part of those regulations involves CAFE, or Corporate Average Fuel Economy, rules that have been in […]

November 16th

Alaska Airlines Completes Its First Commercial Flight Using Biofuel

On November 14,  Alaska Airlines flew a Boeing 737-800 airliner from Seattle to Washington, DC using jet fuel that contained 20% biofuel made from forest residuals — the limbs and branches that remain after the harvesting of managed forests. The conversion process is the result of research conducted at Washington State University as part of the Northwest […]

November 15th

Glycerin Powers Diesel Generators For Formula E Race Teams

It stands to reason that Formula E, the world’s only open wheel racing series that uses electric race cars, would want the electricity that charges the batteries in those cars to be as green as possible. Oddly enough, Formula E uses two large diesel generators mounted in a shipping container for easy portability for that […]

November 9th