Peugeot Onyx Hybrid Supercar Gets Supplemental Three-Wheeled Plug-In Scooter

Peugeot is bringing along a companion vehicle to the Onyx supercar, the three-wheeled plug-in hybrid Onyx Scooter Concept. Also, it transforms. I’ll take both!

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BMW Electric Scooter Gets Road Tested

As the world’s largest luxury car maker, BMW is well positioned to start offering its customers premium electric cars. That’s why BMW created the “i” brand, even going so far as to try and sell the i3 and i8 EV’s through digital dealerships online. But nobody really expects Beemer to try and break into the scooter market, which is why I am scratching my head at the news that BMW’s C Evolution electric scooter has been spotted on the road for testing.

Are the Germans serious?

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