Nissan Responds To Leaf Owners Battery Woes

Last weekend, a group of Arizona Nissan Leaf owners conducted a trial to see how much range their pure electric vehicles had lost in the desert heat. Their conclusion? The battery loss was more rapid than Nissan led them to believe, undercutting earlier claims that the gauge cluster was wrong.

Well Nissan has finally stepped up with a real answer…that the batteries are deteriorating. But don’t worry, it is all a part of the plan!

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Is Hot Weather Killing The Nissan Leaf Battery Faster Than Advertised?

Nissan rankled a lot of feathers when it announced that its first electric vehicle, the Leaf would have an air-cooled battery pack. Now that decision may come back to haunt Nissan. This past weekend a group of Leaf owners conducted a test proving that Leaf battery pack is losing range at a more rapid rate than advertised.

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Nissan Leaf Experiencing Battery Woes From High Heat

It’s no secret that this summer has been a scorcher, with long-standing records falling left and right as the sun sears much of the continental U.S. Drought, devastated crops, water bans, and even death are just a few victims of this summer’s crazy high heat. And the heat isn’t just affecting people; Nissan Leaf owners are reporting a dramatic drop in battery range, mostly in the always-sizzling Southwest…and I think I know what the problem is.

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