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2013 Dodge Compact Shows its Face Ahead of Detroit

Whether the car here will be wearing “Caliber”, “Hornet”, or “Neon” nameplates when it arrives at US dealers next year remains to be seen – but these things are certain: this will be the face of first all-new car from Chrysler since the Fiat takeover, and this will be the most important new Chrysler since […]

October 9th

Jalopnik's Chevy Cruze Wallpaper is Airborne Awesomesauce

Behind the scenes at Gas 2, we’re basically gearheads – and most of us either own an enviable collection of American icons or have the names of some Serious motorsports and performance tuning firms on our resumes. We love cars, in other words, at least as much as the next guy … we just happen […]

September 17th

GM's Opel Junior Could Come to US as Mini, Fiat 500 Fighter

Is there a Junior in your future? If reports coming out of Germany are to be believed, then GM is getting ready to announce Opel’s return to the US – spearheaded by a premium subcompact that will compete with BMW’s Mini and all-electric “i” brands, as well as the Fiat 500C currently padding the wallets […]

June 28th

Mercedes to Offer Diesel-electric Hybrid E Class in 2012

It’s a comment that appears on green-car articles again and again, “Why doesn’t anyone build a diesel hybrid?” and – for the most part – the question has been ignored … until now.  Mercedes-Benz has heard your cries, true-believers, and will begin selling the E300 BlueTEC Hybrid-electric sedan you see here in 2012 … a […]

May 24th

Hyundai Set to Reveal New i40 Sedan in Spain

Hyundai has been on a roll lately, going from win to win on the strength of its current product, positive “buzz” over its recent “Blue” hydrogen concept cars, and the genius of its industry-leading “Hyundai Assurance” program.  Hyundai’s marketers deserve an inch of freedom, I suppose – and they are taking a mile of it, […]

May 7th

Reborn LeCar to Join Microcar Battle in 2014

Ah, the LeCar.  We had one of those in the driveway while I was growing up, and I vividly remember being driven to school by my uncle when the little LeCar caught fire.  This was, it should be noted, a commonplace enough thing that I simply started spraying the fusebox with the small extinguisher we’d […]

March 24th

40 mpg Chevy Sonic: If Joe Camel Were A Car

There it is, this generation’s Joe Camel.  Remember Joe Camel?  If you’re over 30, you definitely remember the smooth-talking cartoon Camel that was RJ Reynolds’ mascot for Camel-brand cigarettes back in the 80’s and 90’s.  Joe Camel was everywhere … until a federal court decided that you shouldn’t market products that may cause “serious injury, […]

February 10th