Recycled Hawtness: DIY NASCAR Chevelle May Be the Best Car Ever

Mr. Scott started this build a few years ago, when he found himself in possession of both a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle and a 1999 NASCAR Chevy stock car. Faced with an infinite universe of infinite possibilities, Scott did the only logical thing: he mashed them together.

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Video: NASCAR Goes Green With New Commercial

With Earth Week in full swing, corporations and conglomerates the world over are making the case that they have “gone green” to consumers. America’s favorite motorsport, NASCAR, even launched this 30-second commercial highlighting their eco-friendly efforts of a motorsport known for left-hand turns and high-speed crashes. Did they make the case?

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Video: NASCAR Teams Trick Out Toyota Prius

When NASCAR allowed Toyota to enter the hallowed halls of oval track racing, many fans cried foul. Well all that whining and crying amounted to a whole lotta nothing, and now Toyota is a fierce competitor in the NASCAR racing series.

In an effort to drum up publicity and money for a charity cause, Toyota’s NASCAR star Clint Bowyer and RKM Performance are tricking out a Prius hybrid. Yup, a NASCAR Prius. Maybe the Mayans were right?

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