Warm-Up Lap

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Warm-Up Lap: Tesla P85D Breaks The Dyno

We’ve all seen the power of the Tesla P85D demonstrated on the drag strip time and again, giving those old gas guzzlers a real run for their money. While the drivetrain of the P85D was designed to withstand 700 lb-ft of torque, your standard dynamometer or “dyno” as it is typically called, is designed with […]

Warm-Up Lap: Formula E Takes Over Monaco

The small but historically-important principality of Monaco has been a hotbed of motorsports for the past century, making it the perfect place to debut the first Formula E race in Europe. The narrow road course made for big crashes, clever moves, and great action all the way around, with e.dams driver Sebastian Buemi taking his […]

Warm-Up Lap: Tour Monaco With Formula E Driver Sam Bird

Monaco is one of the smallest, yet wealthiest city-states in the world, a place where registered automobiles actually outnumber the citizens and the 36,000 citizens are crammed into an area about 2 km2. It’s also home to some of the world’s most famous motorsports, and in a couple of weeks the Formula E series will […]

April 27th

Warm-Up Lap: Audi Wins WEC Season Opener At Silverstone

The marathon runners of the racing world converged on the legendary Silverstone Circuit this weekend for the season opener of the 2015 World Endurance Championship Series. Revamped versions of WEC mainstays like the Audi R18 e-tron quattro and Toyota TS040 Hybrid clashed with newer entrants like the Porsche 919 Hybrid for an exciting start to […]

April 13th

Warm-Up Lap: 25 Model S Owners Rally Across France

With more than 2,000 Superchargers installed all across the world, and more going in everyday, Tesla Motors is making sure that owners of its cars will never be far from a fast, free fill-up. Tesla put out a call in France for a cross-country rally covering more than 650 miles/1,000 km in a weekend, and […]

March 30th

Warm-Up Lap: The Insanely Quiet Launch Of A Tesla P85D

Up until recently, big horsepower pretty much always meant eardrum-blasting vehicles that could literally destroy your hearing if you don’t wear protection. The Tesla Model S P85D is a beast of a different note though, able to put 691 horsepower to all four wheels at the same decibel level as a normal conversation. Don’t believe? […]

March 23rd

Warm-Up Lap: Formula E Miami Highlights

After two races in Asia and another two races in South America, the Formula E series has finally made its way to the USA, specifically the sexy coastal city of Miami. Despite the fact that Miami is one of the cities most susceptible to climate change, the feeling was celebratory as this cutting edge racing […]

March 16th

Warm-Up Lap: Tesla P85D VS. Audi R8 V10

Last week we witnessed a couple of dofuses street racing in their expensive toys with no regard for other people’s safety. The right way to drag race is at a drag strip, which is where we find a Tesla Model S P85D lined up against what one might call an “entry-level” supercar, the Audi R8 […]