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Coskata Announces Ethanol Plant for 2010

Coskata, the ethanol technology company who made a major announcement about their biofuel technology at the North American International Auto Show earlier this year, has announced that they have established an alliance with ICM, Inc., a major producer of ethanol, to design and construct the first plant that will produce ethanol using Coskata’s bio-process. The […]

February 6th

Biodiesel Lawn Mowers for Sale

The guy in the picture is JP Patten, entrepreneur and computer expert, shown with his newly outfitted biodiesel lawn mowers. Now, I think this guy’s got a great idea, he buys lawnmower motors from China, takes them apart, rebuilds them so they burn waste grease from deep fryers. So far, so good. He says the […]

January 29th

Happy New Year From Gas 2.0

The team here at Gas 2.0 would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. After we all recover from the busy holiday season, you can expect things to start rolling with on-site coverage of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). I’ll be traveling to a wintry Detroit, Michigan, to see the cutting […]

January 1st

Closed Loop Ethanol Plant Goes Bankrupt

The highly touted “closed loop” ethanol plant in Nebraska shut its doors last week and filed for bankruptcy. E3 BioFuels used biogas generated from cattle manure, provided by a nearby feedlot containing 25,000 head of feeder cattle. Distillers grain, a byproduct of ethanol production, was fed to the cattle and the process started all over […]

December 14th

Canton, IL Ethanol Plant Goes Bankrupt

The strange part of this story is, the plant never went into operation. As a matter of fact, it’s still under construction. Farmers who invested in the project have lost their money since the Chapter 11 filing creates a federal injunction prohibiting creditors from taking action against the company, Central Illinois Energy. It’s taken five […]

December 14th

Welcome to Gas 2.0!

Welcome to Gas 2.0, a brand new blog dedicated to coverage of the biofuel revolution—offering insight, analysis, resources, and personal experiences rooted in one unifying goal: to move beyond petroleum as a fuel source. Once we get rolling, you can expect daily posts on topics spanning the biofuel spectrum—from Algae Biodiesel to Zeolite—and accessible to […]

December 13th