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Mercedes Urban eTruck Trials To Begin This Year

In the US, Mercedes means high end passenger cars. But Daimler, the parent company that owns Mercedes Benz, is also heavily involved in the medium and heavy duty truck business both here and abroad. In addition to its Mercedes Benz truck division, Daimler also owns Freightliner, Mitsubishi Fuso, Western Star, and Thomas Built Buses. Mercedes has […]

February 21st

Elon Musk Tweets About Tesla Semi

Elon Musk tweeted yesterday that progress is being made on the Tesla Semi truck project headed by Jerome Guillen, but nothing is being allowed to stand in the way of launching the Model 3 on time.

February 6th

XL Hybrids Introduces Plug-in Hybrid Pickup Truck System

Update: XL Hybrids advises that the installation of the XLP plug-in hybrid system is done by a third party upfitter. The story has been amended to reflect this new information. XL Hybrids has received an order from San Diego Gas & Electric for 110 plug-in hybrid pickup trucks equipped with the companies new XLP system. The […]

January 2nd

Electric Truck Overview — Electric Light-Duty Trucks, Medium-Duty Trucks, & Heavy-Duty Trucks

As exciting as the coming era of electric cars is, with its promise of swift, silent, emissions-free transportation for all, the truth is that trucks are some of the biggest polluters on the road. According to the US Department of Transportation, nearly 50% of all emissions from the transportation sector are attributable to light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks. So where are all the electric trucks? When will you be able to buy an electric truck? What’s going on in the electric truck startup world? For the purposes of this discussion, we will look at four categories of electric trucks — light-duty trucks, delivery trucks, freight trucks, and trash trucks.

December 6th

Mercedes X Class Pickup Truck For World Markets, But Not US

People around the world love American culture. Movies, music, blue jeans — if its says USA on it, people can’t get enough of it. The same thing is true, apparently, when it comes to automobiles. The American mania for pickup trucks has surreptitiously infected the consciousness of people all over the world. They, too, want […]

October 26th

International Offers Predictive Cruise Control For Class 8 Trucks

The Department of Transportation SuperTruck program is paying off with new and better technology that helps big rigs maximize their fuel economy while reducing carbon emissions. It now offers predictive cruise control technology as an option on its ProStar and LoneStar Class 8 tractors. The proprietary system uses pre-installed GPS maps and the latest commercial route data to […]

July 14th

Siemens Proposes New Way To Power Electric Trucks

Trucks, those road going behemoths that spew millions of tons of diesel related junk into the air every year, are essential to the global economy. If it’s in your home, it probably spent some time being hauled by truck  from the factory to the store where you bought it.

June 26th