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FutureTruck, or: What if Optimus Prime Looked More Like a Monorail?

Meet “FutureTruck”, the result of an AirFlow Truck Company project to develop a more aerodynamic over-the-road truck which, the truck’s designers claim, would cut fuel consumption and harmful carbon emissions by as much as 50%. FutureTruck’s design process was heavily dependent on CFD software, which moves some pretty heavy numbers to determine the path air […]

July 2nd

A123 Systems Scores Smith Commercial Fleet Deal

Earlier this week, A123 systems announced that the company had been tapped to provide high-capacity (up to 45 kWh!) li-ion battery packs for the upcoming Smith Newton 7.5 ton, medium-duty commercial truck – which already sees service in fleets owned by such diverse outfits as Pepsi, Staples, and the US Marines Corp. One of my […]

June 11th

Cummins Developing 4-Cylinder Diesel for Nissan Titan

I often lament on this blog the lack of a small diesel truck in America, and while I may not get my diesel Ford Ranger, Nissan and Cummins are cooking up a four-cylinder diesel that could be a game changer. Cummins engines are most often found under the hood of heavy construction equipment and Dodge […]

Electric Garbage Trucks Coming to French Streets

Is there anything dirtier than garbage collection? Not if the French have something to say about it. Starting next week, electric garbage trucks will start patrolling the Parisian suburb of Courebevoie. Garbage collection has never been so quiet. French electric company PVI joined with garbage truck designer and built Semat to build this electric garbage […]

UK Trucks "Go Long" for Cleaner Emissions

An independent UK study recently showed that increasing the overall length of commercial trucks could dramatically reduce overall emissions without compromising safety.  The study (available for download here) showed that a 2 meter increase in maximum length (without an increase in maximum weight) could “increase capacity for haulers transporting lightweight goods by up to 13%, […]

April 13th

2 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back: 2012 Ford F-650

Last week, Ford announced that it would be resurrecting the discontinued 6.8L V10 gasoline engine for service in the 2012 F-650 commercial truck … a move which, to me, seems baffling. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about consumer vehicles here.  Instead, we’re talking about medium-duty trucks and chassis cabs (class 4-7) in general, which […]

March 15th

GM is Getting Serious About CNG Fleet Vehicles

What you see here is Chevy’s newly-available, 4-tank CNG commercial van.  This was news last year, but despite that, this is the first one we’d seen “in the flesh”.  So, when one of GM’s marketing reps realized we were ignoring the ZL1 Camaro launch (by which time we had – ahem – already gotten the […]

February 10th

The World's First Purpose Built Green Freeway Kicks Off

It’s a vision of the future, but it’s closer than you may think. A black ribbon of tarmac threading its way past industrial and commercial centres with regular stop off points for renewable energy transport. Local towns use their waste and biomass to produce ethanol and EVs can recharge or do battery swaps as and […]

September 14th

A123 to Supply Batteries For US’ First Commercial 2-Ton Truck

Things are starting to line up nicely for the first commercial class 2c-3, 2-ton, 12,000 pound truck in the U.S. — the eStar. After signing an agreement with FedEx to test the trucks in a delivery fleet, and then commencing production earlier this year, Navistar has now entered into an agreement with battery supplier A123 […]

June 10th

Will More Efficient Trucks Lead to 120,000 More Jobs?

Tractor trailers use a lot of gas. The trucking industry and related professions also employ a lot of people, and are a vital link in our supply chain that gets us food, electronics… just about everything from production to the store. We need trucks, and we need truckers… but we need those trucks to be […]